Get Vampire PRP Certified!

Attend our Hands-On Workshop to become a Vampire PRP Certified Provider of the:

Vampire Facelift ® | Vampire Breast Lift ® | O-Shot ® | Priapus Shot ® | Hair Restoration | Vampire Facial ®–with Marketing

As a certified provider of the Vampire PRP Procedures, you will combine the principles of DaVinci with the latest science to produce the most beautiful results with Botox, Fillers, and blood-derived growth factors.

Even though the techniques and ideas behind this certification workshop involve concentration and focus, the teaching is done in a relaxed and casual way using some of my best friends and patients as models. You will be treated with respect and honor and courtesy while learning from me.

Here’s what you get with this workshop:

  • Skills to do the Vampire Facelift®, how injecting platelet rich fibrin matrix you must use a different technique than Juvederm and how to explain this to your patients (the Vampire Facelift®)
  • Skills to do the Vampire Breast Lift® procedure.
  • How to become the least painful Botox injector in your town.
  • How to do the O-Shot® which is rapidly growing in popularity (presently getting more internet traffic than the Vampire Facelift®).
  • Skills to do the Priapus Shot® (P-Shot®).
  • PRP Hair Restoration.
  • Advanced Micro Needling techniques.
  • Strategies for website search engine optimization, YouTube videos, and email newsletter campaigns. I’ll show you how you can do the same with little time and simply a phone and a laptop computer and make back the money you paid for this course within 2 weeks.

–the reward becomes a more profitable practice.

IMPORTANT: I only accept a small number of people to these 1-day courses so that I will be able to give you as much personal attention to carefully coach you.

The 1-day course enrollment fee is $3897 and includes a 3-month membership in the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association (ACCMA).

Membership at the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association and attendance at this course qualifies you for listing as a Vampire Procedure Provider and gives you access to review videos in the members-only section of the ACCMA. If you continue to use the trademarked names (Vampire Facelift®, O-Shot®, etc.)–there’s a monthly licensing fee for each procedure…this fee can be cancelled at anytime.

The next classes are offered on the following Saturdays at our Redlands, CA location:

Click on Your Class Date Below. You will be taken to the Paypal where you can pay with your Visa/MC/AMEX or Paypal. Classes are limited to a max of 6 attendees. If your class is sold out, you may get on our waitlist of future classes.

I’d be honored to meet you soon.

– Bertica M. Rubio, MD

About Your Instructor

Bertica M Rubi MD Vampire PRP Certified Instructor

Bertica M. Rubi, MD

Dr. Rubio is one of a select number of physicians trained, certified, and licensed by the ACCMA to administer and teach the innovative Vampire PRP procedures. If you have any questions, Email Us to learn more about our course schedule or Call 1-909-748-7190″ to speak to us. Check out the video below from Dr. Charles Runels regarding the benefits of becoming an ACCMA member.


Why Become an ACCMA Member?

View Dr. Charles Runels, inventor of the Vampire Procedures: Vampire Breast Lift® | Vampire Facelift® | Vampire Facial® | O-Shot® | Priapus-Shot® (P-Shot®), explain the benefits of becoming a member of the ACCMA.


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