GAINSWave Male Enhancement Therapy

Male Enhancement Treatment for ED

GAINSWave is an erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment that uses the clinically proven technique of pulsed-wave therapy to increase blood flow to the penis.

How Does GAINSWave Therapy Work?

Similar to extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT), pulsed-wave technology stimulates the healing process in the body by triggering a reaction to the mild inflammation caused by the pressure wave.

When used to treat vascular related erectile dysfunction, the mechanism of action for the GAINSWave is induced angiogenesis and neovascularization in the corpora cavernosa. The resulting improvement in blood flow, achieved by the creation of new blood vessels and the rejuvenation of existing vessels, increases the patient’s ability to obtain and sustain an erection.

Similar techniques and delivery devices to the GAINSWave have been used to produce successful revascularization in the treatment of chronic cardiac ischemia for more than a decade.

As compared to other male enhancement or ED treatments, GAINSWave™ Therapy:

  • Is drug-free and surgery-free
  • Is completely non-invasive, and has little or no known side effects
  • Is a simple in-office procedure, with each treatment taking only 20 – 30 minutes
  • Provides long lasting results with little or no downtime