We Offer Two Types of Facial Peels


VIPeel is a physician-designed facial peel that is extremely effective in eliminating discoloration, minimizing fine lines, and improving your skin tone and luminosity. It is safe for all skin types.



Apeele is a next-generation revitalizing chemical peel designed to provide controlled exfoliation of damaged skin with significant visible results after just one treatment. This is an in-office three-step procedure. Unlike the VIPeel, it requires no home care and allows you to wear makeup within twelve hours. It is also customizable to your personal needs, as it comes in four strengths. The results are consistent and truly remarkable in giving you an improved texture, tone, and clarity.


  1. Having used many different types and brands of chemical peels, APEELE(™) is now my favorite. APEELE(™) provides a consistent and even peel with great results.
    -Lisa Benest, M.D.
  2. “Beautiful results: Texture and luminosity is better. Have been getting lots of compliments.”
    – N. Winner Beverly Hills, CA
  3. “APEELETM truly worked great for me. My skin has a glow and radiance it didn’t have before.”
    – J. Allen Rock Island, IL
  4. ApeeleTM significantly lightened my hyperpigmented areas that where resistant to other treatments. I would rate Apeel a 9+.